Abel North
Abel North
Vital statistics
Name Abel North
Aliases Kangaroo Commando
Relations Kane North
First Appearance "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures"
Species Human
Home World Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Graying Black
Eye Color Blue
Further Info
Portrayed By: John Cygan
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Abel North is the actor behind Kangaroo Commando, Ben's childhood hero from the show of the same name, and is most likely a parody of Adam West.

He appears in "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" Abel's show got replaced when Tim Dean made the show "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures", a poorly-made knock-off series about three, Fourarms, Wildmutt, and Heatblast, of Ben's alien forms. Various accidents begin occurring shortly after Ben meets the actor, who is able to save the day in appropriate attire. Gwen suspects that Abel is actually the one causing the accidents, but his twin brother, Kane North is revealed to be responsible. Kane was actually the one who made Kangaroo Commando's gadgets and he held a grudge against Abel, who took all the credit. After Ben defeated Kane, Abel and Tim became friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Abel and his brother are likely loosely based off of the Biblical Cain and Abel.