Vital statistics
Name Albedo
Base of Operations Xenon (formerly)
Alien Force first "Good Copy, Bad Copy"
Alien Force Last "The Final Battle: Part 2"
Species Galvan, stuck in Human form
Home World Galvan Prime
Gender Male
Hair Color none (originally)

Brown (formerly)
Silver (currently)

Eye Color Black (originally)

Green (formerly)
Red (currently)

Further Info
Portrayed By: Yuri Lowenthal
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Albedo is a Galvan with an Omnitrix that he built with knowledge gained when he was Azmuth's assisstant. He impersonated Ben Tennyson in the Alien Force episode, "Good Copy, Bad Copy," so that he could steal Ben's Omnitrix and return to his original form. Towards the end of the episode, he is stuck in the Ben's form.

History Edit

As Azmuth's former assistant, Albedo created his own Omnitrix and calibrated it to match Ben Tennyson's, as he did not think Ben as a human could handle the Omnitrix. However, as Ben's DNA is the default, Albedo is stuck in Ben's form. Wanting to reverse this, Albedo attempts to steal Ben's Omnitrix, leading to a pitched battle between the two. After a long battle (wherein the two keep changing alien forms), Ben's Omnitrix lost its power and needed to recharge. Afterward, the two engage in a fist fight in which their Omnitrixs' attach and create massive energy pulses, thus damaging Albedo's human form. Albedo's physical form is damaged, changing the color of his hair and clothes. Azmuth, having detected their battle, disables Albedo's Omnitrix and sends him to a Plumbers' jail for his actions. Albedo's last words in this episode were about him getting revenge and when he gets his jail food he says, "But until then bring me chili fries!"

Actions in Vilgax Attacks Edit

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Albedo appears in Vilgax Attacks, the video game. He appears as a boss in the level MorOtesi. Also, if you look carefully at Albedo's Omnitrix, all of his aliens' eyes and Omnitrix symbol are red. In the DS version, after you defeat him, he attempts to use Alien X only to become frozen. After you have beaten the DS version, there is a cut scene where he is attempting to leave Alien X while Bellicus and Serena bring up an old argument.

Personality Edit

Albedo is portrayed as an immature and ambitious person, haughty and finding Ben to be an unacceptable choice to wield the Omnitrix, feeling that he is the only being with the right to have its power. He has a strong resenment towards Azmuth, even denying him the credit of creating the Omnitrix.

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Ben Tennyson Edit

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Azmuth Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Because he had gained Ben's DNA, Albedo apparently has also gained Ben's cravings and needs: he eats chili fries (even though he never really wanted and/or liked them), he scratches himself in places he suspects are inappropriate, and his left eye twitches when he lies.
  • Possibly as a reference, Albedo is a word that means "whitening". When his human body is genetically damaged from the bio-energy feedback, his appearance changes in color to easier tell him apart from the real Ben which gives him a red jacket with a black accent, red eyes, and white hair, hence his name.