Cash Murray
JT and Cash
Cash Murray is on the left.
Vital statistics
Name Cash Murray
Ben 10 First "And Then There Were 10"
Ben 10 Last "Goodbye and Good Riddance"
Species Human
Home World Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Further Info
Portrayed By: Dee Bradley Baker (Ben 10)

Tyler Patrick Jones (Race Against Time)
Matt Levin (Alien Force) and (Ultimate Alien)

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Cash Murray, along with JT, were bullies at Madison Elementary School, he is the dominant one of the two, and JT only became his friend in order to avoid being bullied.

History Edit

In "And Then There Were 10" Cash and JT were bullying Jamie, Cash told him that normally they would beat him and take his money, but because it was the last day of school and they wanted to get out of there they would settle for only taking his money. When Ben Tennyson tried to intervene, the bullies ended up hanging them both by their underwear from a tree. At the end of the episode, after Ben found the Omnitrix he was hung from a tree by his underwear, along with JT, by XLR8.

In "The Unnaturals" Cash along with JT were members of the little league baseball team, they were only able to join because four of its members had gotten chicken pox. When they were replaced by robots, Ben had to destroy them. But despite this, Cash got the credit for destroying them and saving the President from being replaced by a robot. JT and Cash were then hung from a clock above city hall where the press conference was being held.

Alien Force Edit

In the Alien Force episode "The Gauntlet," Cash got possessed by a Techadon Robot after putting on a gauntlet that was once its arm.

Alternate Cash Murrays Edit

Cash Beast Edit

In the episode "Perfect Day", at school, the group encounter JT And Cash. But, they are now primitive creatures who have super-strength. They were only in Ben's trance, though.

Gallery Edit