Dora Wrightson
Vital statistics
Name Dora Wrightson
Relations Professor Wrightson (father)
Species Human
Home World Earth
Gender Female
Further Info
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In the Ben 10 comic from Cartoon Network Action Pack #26, Dora Flora, a girl named Dora Wrightson messes with her father's potions he was using to help study swamp life after Hurricane Katrina's assault. While she messes with them, she turns into a swamp monster and runs away. She attacks Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Grandpa Max and Ben battles her as Heatblast and Stinkfly. Though she wins and flees again. They then find her dad who gives them the antidote to cure Dora, and she attacks later in the day. This time, Ben transforms into Wildvine and uses his ability to merge with plants so that he can calm her down. Then Wildvine pours the antidote on her and she turns back to normal. She is strong and can fire goop from her mouth like Stinkfly.