Vital statistics
Name Earl
Relations Mayor of Sparksville
Base of Operations Sparksville
Species Human
Home World [[[Earth]]
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Further Info
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When Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Max Tennyson first arrive at Sparksville in the episode "Tourist Trap", they meet the mayor of the town. The mayor speaks in a monotone voice with a slight southern accent and has an an attitude that nothing can faze him, as do most of his fellow citizens, even as toothpicks the size of javelins are being launched into the ground around him, to which he calmly responds, "There go the world's largest toothpicks. Oh, the humanity." He also is not surprised at all by the sudden presence of Upgrade. The mayor correctly recognizes the destruction of his town as being the Megawhatt's doing, though Ben was responsible for a good portion of it.

The mayor seems to have extensive experience with the Megawhatts and how they think. About the only thing he didn't know about them is what they really were; he dismissed the explanation of their being aliens as "just plain kooky talk", despite his explanations being equally implausible. After Ben traps the multiple Megawhatts in the world's biggest goldfish bowl, the mayor promptly turns it into a new attraction: the biggest light-bulb in the world.

Quotes Edit

  • "There go the world's largest toothpicks. Oh, the humanity."