Emperor Milleous
Emperor Milleous
Vital statistics
Name Emperor Milleous
Base of Operations Incursion Battle Ship
Species Inkersion
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Further Info
Portrayed By: Kevin Michael Richardson
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Emperor Milleous is the Ruler of the Inkersians his first and only appearance is in "X = Ben + 2", he has a daughter named Attea in which she overthrew him in "X = Ben + 2" for a short while, in the same episode he recovers his throne and send his daughter to the dungeon were her mother is. He appears to not care for life as he was willing to destroy Earth with all its people, he destroyed Pluto as a sample of what he was going to do to Earth. Due to his high rank, some aliens call him by his full title: Lord Emperor Milleous, ruler of the Inkursians, keeper of the conquest ray, all beings fear... (and more as the speaker is always cut off at or before this point).