Galactic Enforcers

The Galactic Enforcers in Ben 10

The Galactic Enforcers are a group of alien super heroes who act as protectors of the galaxy. They first appeared in the Ben 10 episode "The Galactic Enforcers," most likely it would seem that more members would be needed for such a team to work better.

History Edit

After coming to Earth to arrest Sixsix and Vulkanus, the Enforcer's leader Ultimos grants Ben Tennyson an honorary association in their group, the Omnitrix making him a hero by substitute. Tini forms a crush on Ben after first seeing him as Fourarms, Ben having unintentionally timed out from his transformation of Fourarms during their arrival. He tries to avoid the form later, although Tini's determination. Because of this, Synaptak feels jealously, who shows affection to Tini. Ben, on the other hand, is understanding enough to catch this and provokes Synaptak revealing his emotions to Tini, granting both of their wishes.

They show up again in "Ben 10,000", where future Ben's almost-perfect defending of the world leaves them without a career, being forced to take Ben's defeated criminals to prison. After future Ben is "changed" by ten year old Ben, he tells them to control the Neuvo Circus Freaks instead.

Alien Force Edit

The Galatic Enforcers appeared in the Alien Force episode "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1. As part of his plan to destroy Ben Tennyson, Vilgax attacked the Enforcers' homeworld and challenged Ultimos to a duel. Tini and Synaptak apparently interfered with the duel, causing Vilgax to attack the two and then defeat Ultimos. Vilgax then drained Ultimos' powers with the help of Psyphon, and his Power Theft Machine, and then claimed the world as part of his empire.

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Future Members Edit

  • Ben 10,000: Becomes a member 20 years in the future, and prevents the rest of the team from fighting any evil.

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