Vital statistics
Name Helen
Relations Pierce (adopted brother), Manny (adopted brother)
Group Affiliation(s) The Plumbers
Species Kinceleran, Human
Home World Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color none
Eye Color Yellow
Further Info
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Helen is a rouge Plumber kid that is a Kinceleran and the younger sister of Pierce. She and her partner Manny, a Tetramand, capture alliens and send them to the Null Void, including a DNAlien and in the process, captured Kevin Levin thinking that he is one of them. Helen and Manny worked with Pierce.

History Edit

In the episode "Plumber's Helpers," after capturing a DNAlien, their "Alien Scanner" points out three aliens which turn out to be Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Kevin Levin. They believe them to be aliens so they set fire to a truck in hopes to see whether or not they are aliens. They then capture Kevin in hopes of leading Gwen and Ben to them. After a fight Helen realizes they are not the enemy and that they have been sending plumber kids into the Null Void, so Helen and Manny decide to enter the Null Void.

She then reappears alongside Pierce and Manny in "Voided" working with Max Tennyson trying to stop D'Void, who turns out to be Ben's old enemy Dr. Animo. Then along with the help of Ben and Max they defeat him.

She then reappears in "War of the Worlds: Part 1" alongside Pierce, Manny and Grandpa Max to help Ben defeat the Highbreed threat, once the threat is over she becomes a pupil of Max.

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