Kenneth Tennyson
Kenny Tennyson
Vital statistics
Name Kenneth Tennyson
Aliases Kenny
Relations Ben 10,000 (father), Kai Green (mother)
Base of Operations Ben 10,000's Base
Group Affiliation(s) Tennyson Family
Species 7/8 Human, 1/8 Anodite
Home World Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Maroon
Eye Color Green
Further Info
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Kenneth "Ken" Tennyson (also known as "Kenny") is Ben 10,000's and Kai Green's son in the future. Kenny has a sister named Gwen, after Ben's cousin, but his sister hasn't made an appearance as of yet. He made his first appearance as seen in the episode, "Ken 10". He was given an Omnitrix for his 10th birthday that his father made.

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Personality Edit

Kenny's traits are very alike compared to ten year old Ben's behavior. Only to be a little bit different because of his father's legacy. One example was when he felt let down when he was told that he had to begin with only ten alien forms, like his father did when he first got the Omnitrix.

Appearance Edit

Ken bears a striking resemblance to his father when he was his age. The main difference is his maroon colored hair and darker skin which he inherited from his mother. His clothes are modeled after his father which includes black borders at the sleeves. His hair is slightly messier as well. Ken has the same green eyes as his father. His Omnitrix is also based off of the first form Ben had, looking like it did when Ben initially obtained it.

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Ben 10,000 Edit

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Devlin Levin Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Because he was given an Omnitrix by his father Ken has access to ten alien modes, seven of them have appeared before and are Buzzshock, Ditto, Grey Matter, Spitter, Stinkfly, Wildvine, and XLR8. The three other alien forms are named Sandbox, Snakepit, and Shellhead. Shellhead was only described by Ken to be like a giant turtle, both in Shellhead's appearance and their ability. Kenny's Omnitrix previously contained another unseen alien called Toepick. Ken then complained about Toepick's grossness and was able to persuade his father into switching it in exchange for Grey Matter.

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