Lt. Steel
Lt. Steel
Vital statistics
Name Lt. Steel
Group Affiliation(s) Special Alien Capture Team
Species Human
Home World Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Further Info
Portrayed By: Michael Gough Jr.
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Lt. Steel is the head of SACT, which stands for Special Alien Capture Team. He has had many encounters with Kevin Levin, who was posing as the Omnitrix aliens at the time.

History Edit

At first he is very suspicious ofBen, Max, and Gwen Tennyson, but later allows them to come and go as they please. Ben ends up saving him from Kevin while in alien form. Steel returns the favor by first having his troops fire on Kevin, saving Ben's life, and by letting him go free instead of having his men attempt to take him down, too.

Later, during the Forever Knights' attempt to remove the Omnitrix by trapping Ben in a perfect dream world, in the episode "Perfect Day", a false Lt. Steel arrives and tries to convince Ben that the real Gwen and Grandpa Max are Limax. When the illusion is exposed, Steel transforms into Enoch.

Personality Edit

He is very authoritative, and his men fear him enough to know not to go against any direct order from him.