Meagan Smith
Meagan Smith
Vital statistics
Name Meagan Smith
Series Role Gwen Tennyson
Further Info
Other Jobs SBC Commercials, MTV Commercials, Home Depot Commercials, Close to Home, Medium, ER, All Grown Up
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Starting her career with stage musicals and independent films, she began her TV debut starring in commercials for SBC, MTv and Home Depot, and a co-starring spot as Megan in an episode of Close to Home. A year later, she was a blond women for an episode of Medium, and Chrissy for an episode of ER. Ms. Smith has now moved into the world of animation voice acting with two episodes as Rachel in Nickelodeon's All Grown Up and is the very popular voice of Gwen Tennyson For Cartoon Networks Ben 10. She brings and range of emotions to life with this character and has attracted fans of her work.

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