Vital statistics
Name Technorg
Base of Operations Mega Cruiser (formerly)
Species Detrovite
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Further Info
Portrayed By: Jack Angel
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Technorg is a Detrovite captured by Slix Vigma to fight in gladiator games aboard the Mega Cruiser. His strength is on par with Fourarms's, likely due to several cybernetic enhancements on his left arm, and he has a large mace in place of his left hand. After Ben Tennyson spares his life, Technorg pledges his life to Ben. Later, he distracts Kevin Levin while Ben (as Cannonbolt) leaves in an escape pod.

History Edit

Technorg appeared in the episode "Grudge Match" starting as an enemy of Ben Tennyson and Kevin Levin. Slix Vigma forced Ben and Kevin to fight Technorg on the Mega Cruiser and they defeated him, in the gladiatorial games. Slix Vigma commanded Ben and Kevin to kill him and though Kevin did not hesitate to do so, Ben stopped him. When they returned to their cell, Technorg bowed before Ben and Kevin and declared that he would serve Ben for sparing his life.

With the help of Technorg and the other prisoners, Ben and Kevin were able to escape the cell. Later, though the prisoners got into their Emergency Escape Pods and went to their home planets. Technorg did not, repeating to Ben that his life belonged to Ben but Ben pushed him into his escape pod. Just when Kevin was about to keep Ben from escaping, Technorg pulled Kevin away from his escape pod, revealing that he got out after Ben pushed him into his own. Before his departure, Ben believed that he and Technorg were even. Technorg is last seen about to beat up Kevin as the Megacruiser leaves for the next galaxy.

Technorg's final fate is unknown but during the Ben 10 Week in a pop-up factoid it was revealed that he beat Kevin and escaped.

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