Vital statistics
Name Tini
Relations Synaptak (spouse)
Group Affiliation(s) Galactic Enforcers
Species Tetramand
Home World Khoros
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Further Info
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The strongest of the three, Tini is a female Tetramand, Fourarms' species, and has the same powers, but has better control over them.

History Edit

She first appeared in the Ben 10 episode "The Galactic Enforcers", when the Enforcers arrived on Earth to capture the bounty hunters Sixsix and Vulkanus, who were attempting to combine Element X with iron ore to create a destructive weapon. Tini, upon seeing Ben Tennyson as a Tetramand, Fourarms, she formed a crush upon him, but later apparently began to pursue a relationship with her team member Synaptak.

Alien Force Edit

During "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1", she and Synaptak were defeated by Vilgax after they attempted to interfere in Vilgax and Ultimos' duel.

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