Vital statistics
Name Tyler
Group Affiliation(s) DNAliens
Species Human, DNAliens
Home World Earth
Gender Male
Further Info
Portrayed By: Wallace Langham
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Tyler is an ordinary man from the episode "Inside Man" who stole the Oscillator Key from a Highbreed nest and drove away with it with their truck but it crashes. Unfortunately, the DNAliens have erased his mind and he can't remember anything to the point where he has to look at his ID to know his name.

History Edit

After crashing the truck that had the Oscillator Key inside of it, he calls the police to report the DNAliens. Though he is arrested for reporting to the police about the DNAliens who believe that he is pranking them. Though when they enter his cell, Tyler discovers they are actually DNAliens, and he uses superhuman strength to escape.

Kevin Levin offers him a ride, and he jumps in. He tells them he stole the oscillator key, and as they drive to the truck crash site they are attacked by DNAliens. They escape, and he shows them where the truck crashed. Suddenly, an army of DNAliens attacks them, but they over come them, but they know reinforcements will come.

Then they find out a Xenocyte has turned him into a DNAlien, but fortunately has not turned evil and is still an ally. He rips open the truck, and they grab the oscillator key and flee. Then they find another army of DNAliens and one of their ships attempts to retrieve Tyler and the oscillator key by using a tractor beam. The DNAliens steal the oscillator key and capture DNAlien Tyler to brainwash him so he never remember rebelling against them. Fortunately, Ben as Jetray saves him but the DNAliens still have the oscillator key. Then, the Omnitrix somehow removes the xenocyte from Tyler and he steps on it. Then he remembers everything: his name is Tyler, he was in the glee club, and he grew up in Evanston.

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