Vital statistics
Name Ultimos
Aliases The Prime Specimen, Ultimo
Group Affiliation(s) Galactic Enforcers
Species unknown
Home World unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color none
Eye Color White
Further Info
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Ultimos, The Specimen Prime is the leader of his team, the Galactic Enforcers. Ultimos came to Earth with two other members of the Galactic Enforcers; Tini and Synaptak to arrest Sixsix and Vulkanus. He obeys the Galactic Code of Conduct very much, considering it the highest of laws. Sucro-Taxanite is very poisonous to his species (in essence, his kryptonite), making his whole body to shrivel and turn to the color brown.

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Just think Superman

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  • Ultimos is highly based on the comic-book superhero Superman, in personality and powers.