Vilgax (Pre Enhancements)
Vilgax before he gets cybernetically enhanced.
Vital statistics
Name Vilgax
Aliases Squidface, Old Squid, Fish Face, Vilgy, The most dangerous being in the universe, Conqueror of 10 Worlds, Diagon
Base of Operations Vilgaxia
Species Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Vilgaxia
Gender Male
Further Info
Portrayed By: Steven Jay Blum (Ben 10)

James Remar (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien) John DiMaggio (Vilgax Attacks)

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An intergalactic alien emperor, Vilgax, serves as Ben Tennyson's archnemesis, and is villain that has been featured the most since the start of the franchise.

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First appearing in the pilot episode of Ben 10, "And Then There Were 10," Vilgax was in pursuit of a ship fleeing with the Omnitrix in the Earth's atmosphere. After having the ship blasted with an energy blast, and taking severe damage to his own ship in retaliation, Vilgax was confined to a regenerative tank, due to receiving massive damage. After having the wreckage searched for the Omnitrix and being disappointed at discovering it was jettisoned to the planet below, he had drones land on the planet and attempt to retrieve the device. At the end of the episode

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