Vital statistics
Name Xylene
Aliases Honorary Plumbette
Base of Operations Xylene's Ship
Group Affiliation(s) DNA Force, The Plumbers
Species Uxorite
Home World Ringa Morr
Gender Female
Further Info
Portrayed By: Grey DeLisle
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Xylene is an Uxorite from the planet Ringa Morr. She, like her other species has the ability of telekinesis. She is the one piloted the ship that damaged the Chimerian Hammer and wounded Vilgax in "And Then There Were 10." She is also the one who sent the Omnitrix to Earth, attempting to give it to Max Tennyson for protection, though it accidentally was found by Ben Tennyson.

History Edit

During Xylene's early years she met Max Tennyson, who at the time was a member of The Plumbers. Through that experience, she was given the grand responsibility by Azmuth of being the Omnitrix’s carrier and a member of the "DNA Force" group. Word unfortunately got out and Vilgax was on the run for it, causing Xylene to make a big decision of sending the Omnitrix to Max's location. With the pressure of being attacked, in the beginning of "And Then There Were 10" she accidentally missed Max’s location and was sent to the forest, where Ben Tennyson stumbled upon it.

Unfortunately, Xylene’s Ship suffered a major blow from the Chimerian Hammer, Vilgax’s ship, and was sent to Earth. She was then frozen for quite some time until a group of Inuit's found her. She then quickly traveled to the Omnitrix’s location, where she came upon Max Tennyson. Max and Xylene quickly connected, but Ben had trouble and disliked her. Later the group was attacked by a mecha-drone and Max was kidnapped. Soon after, they found it at a dock and Xylene unlocked the Upchuck form so that Ben could defeat it.

Personality Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Xylene has two known abilities, the first, is being able to use the green appendages growing from her head like a prehensile tentacle, which can be used as an offensive weapon to fight off enemies. The second is her telekinesis which manifests itself as a pink force beam from her third eye.

Xylene is also shown to possess great knowledge of the Omnitrix, having since being the one who sent it to Earth. This knowledge is demonstrated by manually choosing which alien to be activated, and by unlocking another alien for Ben Tennyson to activate; Upchuck.